Friday, April 22, 2011

I Knew I Loved You

Five Things I Love Friday; These are my current obsessions.

1. Parasols
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Yesterday Mel tweeted (@ideegeniale)

"I feel like asking the one lady walking down broadway with an umbrella if she knows how ridiculous she looks. Ever hear of sunblock?"

I laughed mostly because that is how I plan to roll as an old lady. My sun panic knows no bounds.

2. Pleated Skirts 
Laura                                                                     Annies
Michelle Elizabeth                                                                     Melanie
Lena                                                                     Sun
Jenny                                                                     Frankie
Mladen                                                                     Kani
Madeline                                                                     Aya
Hallie                                                                     Style Pantry

Pleated skirt=classy lady. True story. All these ladies are class acts.

3. Pens
all images via Weheartit

Filling out a few dozen postcards will definitely make you realize how important a good pen is. I stole a few from the boy's desk. He has really good pens (I mean, really good.), and I choose to steal them so that he can come by my office and scold me about taking his stuff. :P

4. Girls Night
all images via Weheartit

My dear friend Nora is throwing and old school slumber party this weekend for her birthday. It will be like we are eight years old again.... but with gin.

5. Easter
all images via Weheartit

Easter weekend! Dying eggs, exploding peeps, chocolate, and family oh my. 

Have a great weekend,
XO Robyn

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