Thursday, April 21, 2011

This Week In Vintage (04/21)

The magic eBay elves have updated the shop with 50 vintage pieces. Take a peek at everything here, 

and just click any photo below to go straight to that item's listing.

IMG_5839 IMG_6487
IMG_6533 IMG_6703
IMG_6459 IMG_6777
IMG_6553 IMG_6430
IMG_6474 IMG_6720
IMG_6853 IMG_6630
IMG_6831 IMG_6792
IMG_6510 IMG_6570
IMG_5989 IMG_6597
IMG_6077 IMG_6184
IMG_6169 IMG_6815
IMG_6215 IMG_6225
IMG_6251 IMG_6675
IMG_6019 IMG_6113
IMG_6651 IMG_5762
IMG_6305 IMG_6769
IMG_6872 IMG_5998
IMG_6666 IMG_6742
IMG_6045 IMG_6274
IMG_6356 IMG_5964
IMG_6133 IMG_6688
IMG_5938 IMG_6282
IMG_6091 IMG_6604

It's I am a very tired Twitchster Thursday,
XO Robyn
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