Thursday, February 4, 2010

Trench Envy

The elusive thrift find. Typically I have great thrift store karma. The more thrifted pieces I sell in the shop, the more I find. At least that's how I like to view it. However, occasionally one coveted find will elude me. Right now it is the perfect short trench. They are all too long, too big, missing belts, boxy, or just plain not right. Here are some of the inspirational looks that are taunting me and my missing coat.

Source                                                                        Source
Source                                                                          Source

Since I have been unable to find the perfect trench, I have decided to improvise. Yesterday I found this lovely, if not too long, treasure. The hem lands at that unflattering middle calf length. Let's see if shortening it will make me happy.

Wish me luck!
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