Thursday, February 18, 2010

I think I'm in love.

5 things I am currently in love with.

1. Red Lipstick

This is all my friend Nora's influence. A good portion of her free time has been spent searching for the perfect red lipstick and the perfect blue eye shadow. I have one of the castoffs of her search, and cannot stop wearing it this week.

2. Curly Hair

I have curly hair. Strike that. I have TONS of curly hair. In a generation that flat irons, I am proud to say that I even love my curly hair. I keep it short in the summer to maximize volume. I like my hair large and in frizzy ringlets, and the FL humidity definitely helps with both. Now is the time to grow out my ill advised winter bangs.

3 Cooperative for Urban Outfitters

I still love Fletcher by Lyell. However, in perusing the UO Website the other day I was drawn to mostly Cooperative pieces. Other than one chambray jumpsuit, (I take issue with jumpsuits in general... they are like hot romper prisons.) I am in love with each and every piece.

4. Nutella

It's nutella... I think it speaks for itself.

5. Leanne Marshall fall 2010

I love project runway. I love reality TV in general, but PR is definitely my favorite. Sadly, I have been underwhelmed by the post PR collections of past winners. (I'm talking about you Christian and Irina... and where is Jay these days?) I was pleasantly surprised with Leanne Marshall's lastest collection though. I dig everything from the styling to the crazy pleating.

Bloggery fun over. Now I need to get to tonight's auctions.

XO Robyn

Image Source: weheartit, ffffound, urban outfitters
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