Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thrift loves and lessons

Thrifting for the store often leads to thrifting for myself. Here are a few finds that have made their way into my kitsch little apartment.

1. Fawn Planter: I squealed with delight upon seeing this behind the counter. I then informed the cashier that "I am going to kill a plant in this!" She did not share my excitement.

2. Fawn Plaque: Deer are not a theme in my apartment....yet. It could definitely happen at this thrifting rate, so the lions and owls had better watch out. Well, maybe just the owls since the discovery channel says the lions will be fine.

3. Tea Cups: The boy says I have the apartment of a little old lady. My ever growing tea cup collection does not help this view. Who cares what he thinks anyway? He has black leather furniture.

4. Beaded Bow Belt: That's right. Beads AND Bows. It doesn't get much better. Model Megan (torso pictured above) even wore it in last weekend's shoot.

5. Dress/Top/or Skirt for me: Not pictured. Oddly enough I haven't bought myself anything to wear in the last 3 weeks. It must be Alyson's influence.


It pains me to no end that there is no picture to go with this story. Last week I saw a custom portrait at my local thrift store. (15.99) I did not have my camera or my phone with me. It was perhaps the most glorious thrift store painting ever seen. Description: 6 foot tall, greased up, shirtless, man in tight pants SPOONING a teeny-tiny woman in a lace slip. On a bearskin rug. In front of a fire. With the woman holding a CD in her hand entitled "Love Songs." I want nothing more than to share this with you, and I can't. However, I did learn a valuable life lesson; ALWAYS bring my camera thrifting...either that or shell out the $15.99.

XO Robyn
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