Thursday, September 29, 2011

This Week In Vintage (09/27)

The eBay shop was updated with 40+ vintage pieces. Take a peek, and click any photo below to visit the store

.IMG_7208 IMG_7363
IMG_6969 IMG_6899
IMG_7184 IMG_7373
IMG_6950 IMG_6999
IMG_7399 IMG_7013
IMG_7121 IMG_7036
IMG_7159 IMG_7113
IMG_7321 IMG_7150
IMG_7453 IMG_7242
IMG_7488 IMG_7600
IMG_6913 IMG_7533
IMG_7413 IMG_6879
IMG_7512 IMG_7331
IMG_7470 IMG_6855
IMG_6934 IMG_7567
IMG_7061 IMG_7557
IMG_7082 IMG_7506

XO Robyn
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