Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chuck and Peggy

IMG_5410 IMG_5405
IMG_5442 IMG_5427

Dress: Vintage; will be added to the shop next Tuesday
Bag: Thrifted
Cuff: Gift from Kat
Rings: Assorted silver
Boots: Vintage via eBay

As I was taking these photos behind our new house, the CUTEST old couple peeked their head around the corner to ask what I was doing. I think they thought I was a prowler... at noon... on a wednesday... in  a mini dress. Clearly a savvy and stylish prowler. Anyway they introduced themselves to me as Chuck and Margaret several times, and made it very clear that they liked the man Steve who was evicted from our home. They kept asking if he was coming back. We will obviously be besties in no time.

It's we will never live up to the memory of deadbeat Steve Wednesday,
XO Robyn
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