Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This Week In Vintage (09/13)

The eBay shop was updated with 40+ vintage pieces last night. Take a peek, and click any photo below to visit the store.

IMG_4687 IMG_5225
IMG_4982 IMG_4770
IMG_4286 IMG_5159
IMG_5111 IMG_4823
IMG_5358 IMG_5117
IMG_5282 IMG_4763
IMG_4729 IMG_4851
IMG_4801 IMG_5340
IMG_5377 IMG_5076
IMG_5470 IMG_5239
IMG_4873 IMG_5062
IMG_5586 IMG_5665
IMG_5714 IMG_5563
IMG_5325 IMG_5632
IMG_5026 IMG_5203
IMG_4831 IMG_5615
IMG_4890 IMG_4642
IMG_5698 IMG_4916
IMG_4707 IMG_4950
IMG_5039 IMG_5169

It's Twitch Tuesday on a Wednesday,
XO Robyn

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