Monday, March 21, 2011

Run Robyn Run

IMG_1459 IMG_1455
IMG_1446 IMG_1482

Cardigan: Thrifted, Target
Bag: Thrifted
Dress: Vintage; Will be added to the shop this week
Socks and Boots: Forever 21
Rings: Assorted silver

Boy was I glad to get these photos before looking for a better shooting location.

And just for fun, let's see why. These next two photos are of me just after a GIANT (okay maybe it wasn't that big) black snake slithered across my path, and settled into the bushes to my left. Don't be fooled by the angry scowl. That is in fact a look of sheer terror. My favorite part of these pics though, is that there are two of them. The first one was because of my camera's timer delay. The second just demonstrates my complete lack of survival instincts. 

IMG_1442 IMG_1441

It's I should Be Running Monday,
XO Robyn

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