Friday, March 4, 2011

Love Letters

Five Things I Love Friday; These are my current obsessions.

1. Wavy Hair
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With the new smoothing treatment I had done to my hair on Monday (more on that later) my hair temporarily air dries wavy instead of curly. It's like having a whole new head of hair. Wish me luck figuring out the best way to style it.

2. Bathing Suits
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It's that time again. The boy has made it clear that despite my intense sun panic, we will be spending more time at the beach this spring. That means a new bathing suit, and new bathing suit frustrations. I'm a sucker for a vintage style one piece, but having a torso longer than the nile makes me better suited for a bikini. Let the endless search begin....Now!

3. Fresh Towels
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Are you officially a grown up when purchasing new towels is really exciting? That's what I figured. Damn.

4. Coury of Fancy Tree House
all images via Fancy Tree House

There comes a point when you look through your style inspiration folder and realize that you have WAY too many pictures of one person. This is where I believe inspiration meets internet stalking. Since I am essentially stalking Coury of Fancy Tree House in this way, I figured we could all share in coveting her personal style together. That will make me feel less weird. 

5. Perfume
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Little help? I am searching for a new scent. Nothing too floral. Suggestions welcome.

Have A Great Weekend,
XO Robyn
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