Friday, March 18, 2011

Language Of Love

Five Things I Love Friday; These are my current obsessions.

1. Pastels
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Candy colored pastels are not the best for my skin tone. Too bad. I will settle with washed out, if I get to rock lavender shorts at least once a week.

2. Zoe of Haiku Ambulance
all images via Haiku Ambulance

Visit Zoe's blog Haiku Ambulance for style inspiration. She leaves the most hilarious blog comments, is going through a hair transition that I find oddly fascinating, brought back the bolo tie last year, and was the inspiration behind my quest for high waisted shorts in every color. True story.

3. Walks
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I've become a walker. I walk. Turns out my new place is within walking distance of a bank, grocery store, pharmacy, coffee place, sub shop, chinese food restaurant, and thrift store. If someone would open a post office next door, I would never need to drive my car again. I am loving this.

4. With A Cherry On Top
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Have you ever noticed that they only put cherries on top of awesome things? Cakes, fruity cocktails, cupcakes, cherry coke, pie, cherry limeade... have I made my point? I have my sights set on at least 3 of those cherry topped treats this week. Get in on this.

5. Postcards
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Let's send each other pretty pictures in the mail. I am ordering a set this week, and then there will be a call for addresses. 

Have a great weekend,
XO Robyn
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