Tuesday, December 7, 2010

This Week In Vintage (12/07 & 12/09)

Take a peek at all of this week's new vintage. The first half will be added to the shop tonight, and the second half will update Thursday night. (both 9-10pm EST). Get your eBay game faces on.

IMG_4474 IMG_4573
IMG_4746 IMG_4465
IMG_2218 IMG_4122
IMG_4826 IMG_4595
IMG_4961 IMG_4537
IMG_4551 IMG_4885
IMG_4403 IMG_4769
IMG_4697 IMG_4635
IMG_4708 IMG_5063
IMG_4623 IMG_9572
IMG_5086 IMG_4988
IMG_5117 IMG_4504
IMG_5148 IMG_5028
IMG_8856 IMG_4444
IMG_4853 IMG_4259
IMG_4733 IMG_4792
IMG_4428 IMG_4868
IMG_4795 IMG_4894
IMG_4945 IMG_5010
IMG_5044 IMG_5121
IMG_7739 IMG_4652
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