Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This is going to end in tears... and presents!

My day was spent Christmas shopping. It was both productive AND informative. Here are 3 things I learned today...

1.  There is no way of explaining the luxury of cashmere to a boy.

Me: This scarf is gorgeous. It's perfect.
Him: How much?
Me: $30.00
Him: For a scarf?
Me: It's cashmere.
Him: ::blank stare::
Me: That's actually a REALLY good price for cashmere.
Him: ::blank stare::
Me: Just touch it. 

2. Shopping for my Grandfather never gets any easier.

The man likes 3 things.   

He has 6 grandchildren. There are always going to be doubles. Doesn't seem like a problem, right? Wrong. He has a tendency to eat all the Fiddle Faddle and black licorice he receives in one day. Nothing says Merry Christmas like making your grandfather violently ill.

*also note that he is not a Gator fan. He is a T shirt fan. I am a Gator fan, so he gets what he gets.

3. The boyfriend is apparently a perfectionist present wrapper.

I am a craft paper and yarn kinda gal who uses and excessive amount of tape and doesn't worry about flat edges. This is going to end in tears. Actually, it will probably end with him redoing them the way he does the dishes and vacuuming after I finish. High fives.

You might not be able to tell, but I actually do love the holidays. :)
XO Robyn

all images via weheartit.

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