Wednesday, June 13, 2012

This Week In Vintage

So much vintage hit the eBay store last night. Links and sizes are included below pics because I was feeling fancy. You're welcome.

Studded Bleached Chambray (L)                   Red Glitter Midi (S/M)                    Kilim Crop Jacket (M)
Feather Print Caftan (OS)                               Peter Pan Pink (S)                            Floral Print Tunic (L)
Sienna Knee Skirt (S)                          Mesh Floral Maxi (M/L)                      Leopard Print Sequins (L)
Studded Plaid Shirt  (S/M)                        Black Sequin Blazer (M)                     Purple Flutter Midi (M)
Sheer Sleeve Floral (XS)                         Teal Maxi Caftan (M/L)                          Peter Pan Sweater (S)
Palazzo Pants Jumpsuit (S/M)                   Ruched Party Dress (M)                    Sailboat Prep Skirt (XL)
Sheer Netting Sweater (S/M)                   Swirl Print Maxi (M/L/XL)                  Pussy Bow Blouse (M)
Strawberry Prom Dress (XS)                 Teal Navajo Blouse (M)                 Mushroom Print Mini (M/L)
Mexi Embroidered Skirt (M)                   Color Block Blazer (M/L)                  Tulip Print Sundress (M)
Daisy Print Maxi (M)                        Tuxedo Ruffle Midi (M/L)                       Plaid Prairie Blouse (XS)
Southwestern Vest T (M)                   High Waisted Trousers (S/M)                   Tropical Print Maxi (M)
Fruit Striped Midi (M)                     Sheer Organza Top (M/L)                     Striped Secretary Skirt (XS)
Nude Lace Maxi (S/M)                        Wide Leg Jumpsuit (S/M)                       Mint Cape Sundress (S)

XO Robyn

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