Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This Week In Vintage

So much vintage hit the eBay store last night. Links and sizes included below pics because I was feeling less lazy than usual today. You're welcome.

Glam Sequin Dress (S/M)                 Gauzy Southwest Top (M/L)                   Leopard Cat Dress (S/M)
Ruffled Burgundy Dress (XS/S)               Dolly Bib Dress (M)                 Leopard Kimono Robe (M/L)
Bow Print Blouse (S/M)                        Red Sequin Top (S/M)                     Butterfly Caftan Maxi (OS)
Southwestern Print Top (L)                 Alfred Shaheen Dress (L)                    Gem Studded Blouse (M)
Psychedelic Tunic Top (S/M)                    Silver Lame Jacket (L/XL)                    Queen Of Hearts (M)
Cherry Blossoms Dress (M)                     Polka Dot Top (M/L)                     Bright Ethnic Blazer (M/L)
SOLD                                           Psychedelic Micro Mini (S/M)                  Teal Floral Jumpsuit (M/L)
Mixed Floral Shirt (M)                    Tie Dye Sundress (M/L)                      Liberty Floral Romper (S/M)
Space Dye Sweater (S/M)                    Bright Western Shirt (XL)                    Gauzy Leopard Mini (M)
Blue Floral Midi (L)                             Sheer Fall Maxi (S/M)                        Mini Kimono Jacket (S/M)
Rainbow Stripe Chambray (M/L)                 Bright Palazzo Jumpsuit (S)                                      SOLD
Ascot Secretary Dress (M)                  Yellow Mexican Dress (M/L)                     Pink Slouch Mini (M)
Blue Geometric Dress (L)                         Floral Knee Skirt (L/XL)                           Mint Dot Dress (S)
Gold Mesh Blazer (M/L)                 Blue Sequin Sweetheart (S)                Bali Embroidered Shirt (S/M)
Tropical Fan Tunic (OS)                     Pink Pleated Skirt (M/L)                    Teal Floral Shirtdress (S/M)

XO Robyn

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