Friday, January 20, 2012

Challenge Accepted

IMG_3561 IMG_3558
IMG_3598 IMG_3586

Sweater: Vintage; will be in the shop next Tuesday
Blouse: Joie, C/O Chictopia Rewards
Shorts: Thrifted Levis
Boots: Thrifted Acme
Bag: Thrifted
Rings: Assorted silver

I know what you're thinking. Cowboy boots? And the answer is eff yeah.

The story: I was wearing this outfit with regular brown boots this morning when I casually brought up my red cowboy boots to the boy. He laughed, and made a joke about me "pulling them off" a la Ted Mosby. I should mention here that we watch A LOT of How I Met Your Mother. Anyway, I responded "Challenge accepted" and immediately changed into my awesome cowboy boots. Now I bet he feels silly.

It's totally pulling them off Friday,
XO Robyn

*that last photo is me attempting to click my heels together in the air, not me playing some seriously animated air guitar.
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