Thursday, August 25, 2011

This Week In Vintage (08/25)

Somebody stayed awake long enough to blog about the 40+ new vintage listings that hit the shop tonight. I'm not trying to brag, but that somebody is me. Exhausted high fives. Anywho, just click any photo below to go straight to that item's listing.

IMG_2843 IMG_2934
IMG_2812 IMG_2947
IMG_2788 IMG_2464
IMG_2707 IMG_2756
IMG_2856 IMG_3039
IMG_2991 IMG_2771
IMG_3016 IMG_3119
IMG_3181 IMG_2555
IMG_3150 IMG_2512
IMG_2669 IMG_2493
IMG_2892 IMG_2521
IMG_2872 IMG_3021
IMG_3099 IMG_3206
IMG_2971 IMG_2656
IMG_3137 IMG_2427
IMG_2562 IMG_3057

It's Twitch Thursday,
XO Robyn
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