Monday, August 22, 2011

Back To School

IMG_2427 IMG_2424
IMG_2410 IMG_2405

T shirt: Cut up boy's shirt
Skirt: Vintage; will be added to the shop Thursday
Booties: Forever 21
Bag: Vintage; will be added to the shop thursday

First day of school pics! Just kidding. I actually graduated college a few years ago. Barely, but I did. Unlike me however, the boy has grad school aspirations. He has his first day of grad classes today, which inspired me to throw on a backpack purse with this look. "Inspired" meaning that he wouldn't let me take pics of him in his backpack (and he looked so cute), so I settled for recreating my own.

It's don't let the big kids steal your milk money Monday,
XO Robyn
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