Thursday, July 7, 2011

This Week In Vintage (07/07)

I went on vacation and all I got you was 40 new vintage listings. It was either these or a novelty shot glass... I stand behind my decision. Take a peek at everything here, and just

click any photo below to go straight to that item's listing.

IMG_5270 IMG_6584
IMG_5951 IMG_5896
IMG_5405 IMG_5761
IMG_5846 IMG_6874
IMG_5791 IMG_5827
IMG_6910 IMG_6854
IMG_6569 IMG_5784
IMG_5707 IMG_6682
IMG_6846 IMG_6830
IMG_6782 IMG_6924
IMG_6537 IMG_5921
IMG_5809 IMG_6623
IMG_5868 IMG_6898
IMG_5428 IMG_5447
IMG_6766 IMG_5731
IMG_6491 IMG_6548
IMG_6628 IMG_5351
IMG_5462 IMG_6808
IMG_6518 IMG_5325

It's Twitch Thursday,
XO Robyn

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