Sunday, May 15, 2011

This Week in Vintage (05/12)

Oops. Due to the Blogger blackout this week, my shop update post never published. A few of these have already been snapped up with Buy It Now prices, but plenty are still available. Take a peek, and

just click any photo below to go straight to the item's listing.

IMG_9105 IMG_9193
IMG_9342 IMG_9031
IMG_9678 IMG_9359
IMG_9392 IMG_9417
IMG_9529 IMG_9013
IMG_9618 IMG_9481
IMG_9439 IMG_9142
IMG_9545 IMG_9288
IMG_9326 IMG_9049
IMG_9555 IMG_9505
IMG_9125 IMG_9085
IMG_9670 IMG_9576
IMG_9700 IMG_9468
IMG_9729 IMG_9627
IMG_8997 IMG_8957
IMG_9712 IMG_9405
IMG_9594 IMG_8938
IMG_9654 IMG_9756

It's I'm still on Twitch Thursday in my head Sunday,
XO Robyn
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