Monday, May 23, 2011

Purple Fury

IMG_7879 IMG_7877
IMG_7895 IMG_7888

Bodysuit: thrifted
Skirt: borrowed from Rock Paper Vintage; Available in the RPV shop tomorrow
Clogs: Zara
Cuff: Gift via Kat
Rings: Assorted silver

I love this skirt. I feel like it looks like I am being swallowed up by purple fire.... but you know, in a good non Joan of Arc way. It just shows how much Tiffany gets me though, that she chose to send this piece. She knows I can't resist maxi skirts, sheerness, and the opportunity to shockingly expose my bodysuit on any given Monday. And trust me, the guy fishing at the park was indeed shocked.

It's Insert Powerful French Joan Of Arc Quote Here Monday,
XO Robyn

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