Thursday, January 20, 2011

This Week In Vintage (01/21)

It's like magic! The store has been updated with over 40 new vintage pieces. Take a peek at everything here, and just

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IMG_0561 IMG_9950
IMG_0374 IMG_0591
IMG_0501 IMG_1173
IMG_0738 IMG_0422
IMG_0865 IMG_0309
IMG_0618 IMG_1116
IMG_0452 IMG_0970
IMG_0914 IMG_0241
IMG_0840 IMG_0750
IMG_0994 IMG_0961
IMG_0149 IMG_0934
IMG_1107 IMG_0285
IMG_0604 IMG_1036
IMG_0222 IMG_0445
IMG_0796 IMG_1009
IMG_0328 IMG_0642
IMG_0397 IMG_1055
IMG_1085 IMG_1141
IMG_0262 IMG_0545
IMG_1207 IMG_0831

You didn't click anything? I'm hurt.
XO Robyn
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