Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The New Tuesdays

I am making some weekly schedule changes, and the first is that I will not be posting vintage on Tuesdays. (at least for now.) All 40+ pieces will go up on Thursdays. This made today an adventure in not knowing what to do. It also gave me nothing ready to blog about. Let's go through it Dear Diary, style: 

1. The Boy started a new semester

I love living with him, but I definitely enjoy my alone time. I also enjoy doing things he would disapprove of/look at me strangely for, like walking around in my unders (we still don't have enough curtains), watching The Bachelor, talking to myself,  and eating breakfast in bed.... What crumbs?

2. Shot new vintage for Thursday's update
IMG_9024 IMG_8963

Robyn VS lighting in the new studio, take two. I think it went a little better, although It was a struggle filled with plenty of unladylike language. Another reason I'm glad I was alone. Oh yes, did I mention I miss talking to myself... a lot.

3. Went and played in the woods to shoot additional vintage.
IMG_9296 IMG_9305

I couldn't resist. Both pieces here will also be part of Thursday's update. (and yes, I was really cold today.)

4. Finally chose new Giveaway Winners. (I feel like this always happens to me. People enter my giveaways who don't have blogs and leave email addresses that they don't check. Well, your loss ladies.)

11 days later, The Winners are:

Deanna wins the One Pearl Button print set.

and Emma (who retweeted the giveaway and has no blog BUT quickly responds to direct messages, thank you very much.) wins Carlton the crocheted bee.

Tuesdays are the new New,
XO Robyn

*I promise to come up with a new blog schedule for next week so this kind of post does not happen again.
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