Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Hulkster and I go thrifting

Thrift Finds: My weekly bragging blog.
(items 2-5 were all 3.00 or less. Thrift stores are your friends.)

1. Spring stock closet: Organized! I set very few goals for my week off, but getting this closet in order was one of them. I'm sure it will be a mess any day now, but let us all marvel at its current color ordered glory. Everything here will be available in the eBay shop over the next few months.

2. Bird Bag: I love this silly vintage purse. I snapped it up this afternoon, and plan on carrying it as soon as tomorrow. I'm sure this one will end up in the store shortly, but for now it it mine.

3. Forever 21 Dress: Seriously, who doesn't love ruffles? Since I will sell every sweet vintage sun dress I own in the next few months, it is nice to know that I will have a few pieces of clothing left to call my own. This F21 dress was three dollars, and will be an easy choice during the upcoming FL summer.

4. Curtains: Yay! It has been such a struggle finding curtains to go with my orange (aka sunset heat) colored bedroom. The east facing window in my bedroom has been killing me. Now all I need is to install a curtain rod of some kind, and the day star will no longer get the chance to wake me up at 7am. Take that sun!


5. Hulk Hogan Thunder Mixer: That's right! I found this fantastic piece of kitchenware for a cool $1.99. I'm pretty sure all it does is spin liquid around, but who cares? Check out the Hulkster in his yellow cowboy boots. He makes me wonder why the guy selling the Magic Bullet doesn't wear a full spandex outfit. I bet it would boost sales. Also, please check out the lady all the way to the right. Her expression says it all.

Happy Thrifting,
XO Robyn
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