Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Angry Crafter; Bulletin Board Edition

Me                                                                                      Most Crafty People

Here is a little fun fact about me. I only craft and do DIY projects while angry (see also: Sad, filled with violent rage, and drunk). It isn't that I don't enjoy crafts. It is that I never seem to find the time to do them. However, get me all pumped up on negative emotion and Jack Daniels and I will make you a dining room set.  out of nothing but toothpicks. in about an hour. Clearly my favorite crafting materials are the dangerous kinds. Forget ribbon, glue, and glitter. Somebody pass me the staple gun.

On to today's crafting project. After posting this photo of the cork board in my office last week, I had several questions about its origins. 


I made this gem for around $35.00 (not including cost of liquor) in all of about 15 minutes. Let's walk through the process.

First you will need:

A big empty frame. 

*Note that these are relatively inexpensive at thrift stores. Most people want picture frames with glass and backs, so completely empty frames go for a steal. Mine is about 2'x4' and was only $15.00. Can I get a high five?


I prefer these 1'x1' tiles to the rolls of cork board, because the rolls are thinner and will require two layers. They are also easy to trim with an exacto knife for different frame sizes. For my board 2 packs of 4 tiles were required costing about $10.00 per pack. 

A level

I cannot stress enough how important a level is when angry crafting. High emotions combined with a high blood alcohol level do not make for the best judgement of whether or not something looks straight. Trust me. 

A hammer and nails

 I would also recommend picture hanging hardware, but if you are like me and began drinking immediately after picking up the cork board tiles it is now too late for a trip to Home Depot. If not, have at it and do things properly you weirdly sober DIYer.

Materials in place? Let's do this.

Cork board tiles come with adhesive tape strips on the back in order to stick them on the wall. When used alone, these will allow your tiles to stay up for about 12 hours before they fall off. In all likelihood you will be in a better emotional place in 12 hours, so I suggest nailing them in place now while you are still good and angry. 2 nails per tile is sufficient.

Before nailing in that first tile, be sure to use your handy dandy level. That's right drunky. Always double check.

Use two larger nails, or for the well prepared use proper picture hanging hardware, to hang the frame over top the cork. Note that the cork board tiles and frame are in no way attached.


Hang frame and get yourself some push pins. Now you can start stabbing away at your inspirations.

It's "Unstable Emotions and Power Tools" Wednesday,
XO Robyn

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